2014 - 2016 discontinued

Configuration from 2 to 5 users.

2 users set

4 users set




Full-Duplex digital voice communication systems.



2016 - 2019 discontinued

Certificates in


CE   - EU


IC - Canada

       Technical details


  • Up to 5 users set

  • Connection only with paired devices

  • Automatic of free channel selection

  • FULL DUPLEX voice

  • Digitally coded conversation

  • Range, depending on the conditions, up to 300 m

  • Simple operation, turn power ON only

  • Battery life 6 to 8 hours *

  • Extended working time with a micro USB power bank

  • Battery charge time 2 - 3 hours

  • Charger - standard mobile phone with mico USB plug

  • Dimension  75 x 50 x 15 mm

  • Weight only 55 g

  • Handset standard or configured as required with 3,5mm jack

  • Attachment to the arm belt

  • All in plastic case

sportFM2 referees radio


sportFM system it's a modern microprocessor controlled digital system for two-way voice communication. Full Duplex means without to press a talk push button.  It's hands-free system. The Clear Voice DSP new digital technology provides excellent sound quality which highly improves the intelligibility for example in the loud sports hall. Simple operation, only the power is turned on and talk. Small size and low weight of only 55 g make it a perfect choice for wireless voice communication. Used without a license worldwide radio frequency and digital transmission eliminates the problem of busy channels. sportFM it can be configured individually depending on the purpose and application.

sportFM2-4 referees set
sportFM2-2 referees set

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